Rent and Buy Used

Choose to rent or buy used textbooks and save up to 55%! You can even highlight and make notes in rental textbooks. Simply return your books at the end of term or choose to keep them and pay the difference. For more information, visit our FAQ page.

Access Codes

Purchase an access code for used textbooks that include an online portion.

Sell Back your Books for Cash

The UBC Bookstore will buy your textbooks back for cash. Our larger sell back periods occur at the end of each semester. Our larger sellback period for this semester will be from December 12th until December 22nd, and back from January 3rd until January 13th. Find out the value of your books. You can also download the Apple or Android app to scan and find out the value while you're on the go.  

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Textbook Ordering

For instructors who need an ordering link, receive your password by logging into Verba Collect. You're encouraged to order your course materials by the deadlines for each semester to ensure that students have the course materials available to them by start of term.

Please have your course orders submitted by the following dates:

  • September Term – May 1st
  • January Term – October 1st
  • May Term – March 1st
  • July Courses – April 1st
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Custom Course Packs for Curriculum

Ordering your custom course packs from UBC is on average at least 33% cheaper. Please review the most up-to-date information on Copyright at UBC and email ubc-copyright@interchange.ubc.ca any questions you have. Please note you will need ...read more

Open Educational Resources

The UBC Bookstore works with instructors to provide Open Educational Resources  that are freely available for students, to be used for educational purposes.

Contacts for Textbooks Publishers

Search and locate our list of publisher representatives.